Our Manifesto

We are a community of women who understood our importance and role 

in helping to shape the society of the future.  

We have the responsibility to speak up and have our point of view considered and respected, bringing additional value to the table when we talk about investments and business. 

We believe that the way business has been done for the past 100 years won’t be the way that will take us further into the coming 100 years. If we, as the human species, want to continue living a fulfilling life on this earth, we have to change our relationship to the environment and to other human beings. 

All our actions have to be guided towards positive impact. 

We are not perfect and we are not there yet, but we commit to changing the way we live, the way we do business and the way we invest. One step at a time. 

Money is still power and we want to use ours to push the economy into a more sustainable path, 

eliminating social inequality and poverty. 

Every daily decision is an investment decision and we will work to change our 

suppliers and stakeholders to adopt an impact mindset as well. 

We believe deeply that businesses have the ability and responsibility to tackle social and environmental problems, and at the same time be financially sustainable and profitable, 

providing also returns for its shareholders and stakeholders. 

Doing so has to be intentional. And intentionality is translated into strategic targets and indicators,

 just like financial ones. 

We will be guardians of the true intentionality of impact in order to prevent social and green washing,

while the mainstream is still catching up. 

We believe that one day we won’t need to use the term “impact” anymore, 

as all initiatives will have this already at their core. 

But meanwhile, we will dedicate ourselves to better understand what impact truly means and how it can be translated into practice. We are doers and we find strength in each other, supporting each other’s growth to promote a wave of change in our homes, workplaces and industries. 

We are responsible for making this community grow in number and relevance, 

by inviting other women who are aligned, sharing our knowledge, resources and uncertainties. 

ELLA in Greek means “Come!”. 

We come to invite others to come together into this positive impact journey!