The Community


Ella Impact is a global community of women focused on developing connections and knowledge around the theme of impact investments and impact businesses, strengthening its members to create a better world through sustainable & profitable businesses, with high scale and deep positive social&environmental impact. 

As a HYBRID COMMUNITY, Ella Impact connects its members both online and offline, fostering both global and local connections through formats like:


•Online discussions


•Small group offline meetings

•Large group offline meetings


The closed community (closed online groups, local offline meetings) is for women only, who have to apply to become members. Membership is free.

The open community (Newsletter, Linkedin etc) is for both women and men, as we want to engage men as well in the conversation, helping them to embrace the concept of gender balance.

Strategic Partnerships & Press Requests

You share our vision and are interested in a strategic media, event or conference partnership?

Or would you like to bring Ella Impact to your Company? We are happy to engage your team into the topics of gender balance and impact investments as powerful innovation and leadership tools. 

Opportunities of collaboration:

•Network Sponsorship

•Special Webinars

•Tailored Workshops & Courses